VPS Masternode Setup

Cold storage MN setup


Insert login credentials and masternode private key below.
If you are not quite sure what you have to do to get your masternode private key, read the guide below.




Before using the form below you need a VPS and you need to prepare your windows wallet as follows:

You should send all of your coins to your windows wallet from the exchange.
Send to your primary/default address (you can find it in file->receiving addresses.
You need slightly over 12000 coins to cover the fees.
Wait until your coins arrive & are confirmed (can verify confirmed in the transactions tab)
Go to File->receiving addresses.
Create a new address, label it MN1.
Send exactly 12000 coins to that address. You are just sending coins to yourself at a secondary wallet address.
ONE TRANSACTION. EXACTLY 12000. Do NOT add in extra to cover the fees!
Wait for a few confirmations in the transactions tab, the full amount won’t show, but the fee will.
Open the console: Tools->debug console.
Type: masternode outputs
You should get output that looks something like this:
"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" : "0"
Copy & save this to a file, you will need in a minute.
The first part is your txid. The second part is your index.
If that didn’t work, stop, you’re already broken.
Did you send exactly 12000 coins? 12000.1 is not 12000, most common mistake is people send extra coins to their MN address. Your primary can have the extra, your MN needs exactly 12000.
In the debug console, type:
masternode genkey
copy/save that output to a file. Don’t lose it, you will need it for the VPS setup
You will use the genkey & txid in just a minute for window conf...
Now edit two windows conf files, just use notepad.
Find conf files in: c:\users\\AppData\Roaming\Digiwage
(mac users: /Users//Library/Application Support/Digiwage/)
Open the Digiwage.conf:
Make it look exactly like this (replace with your own pass)
Save it.
Open the masternode.conf file (use notepad).
Make it look exactly like this, but swap out your vps IP, genkey, and txid from above
Also, your index which was probably 0
MN1 YOURIP:46003 your_genkey_goes_here your_tx_id_goes_here 0
that's it, that file only needs 1 line (unless you have 2 MN, then it will have 2 lines, etc).
Save it. Close the wallet and re-open to load the new configs.

Now use the form above.
Be patient, it may take few minutes, when it's done you should see something like this (see image). This means that your VPS wallet is syncing.

Wait 5-10 minutes until the VPS wallet is fully synced, then you can start your masternode from the windows wallet (masternodes tab).
Or you can use console command: startmasternode alias false MN1
You can read more here (Cold wallet guide).